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Christian phrases-translation-English to French
I am a child of God-
Je suis un enfant de Dieu
I am God's masterpiece
- Je suis le chef-d'œuvre de Dieu
God thinks you are wonderful!-
Dieu croit que vous êtes magnifiques!
You are a precious gift!-
Vous êtes un cadeau précieux!

Christian phrases-translation-English to Spanish
I am a child of God-
Soy un niño de Dios
I am God's masterpiece
- Soy la obra maestra de Dios
God thinks you are wonderful!-
Il dio pensa che siate meravigliosi
You are a precious gift!-
Usted es un regalo precioso!

Christian phrases-translation-English to Italian
I am a child of God-
l'un bambino del niño de Dios
I am God's masterpiece
- un bambino del masterpiece
God thinks you are wonderful!-
Dio del dio di del Dio-Io pensa che siate
You are a precious gift!-
Che siete un regalo prezioso!

Want more translations? Just ask! We will try to the best of our ability to translate any language.

Cajun Phrases-
Bayou (By you): A sluggish stream, bigger than a creek and smaller than a river.
Ca c'est bon (Sa say bohn):That's good!
C'est la vie (Say la vee):That's life.
C'est magnifique (Say mag ni feek):That's great
Cher (Sha):Dear(a term of endearment).
Mon cher or ma cher:My dear.
Joie de la vie: Joy of life.
Lache pas la patate:(from a popular french song)Don't let go of the potato.
Arc en ciel:A rainbow.
Une 'title pule grasse:A little fat hen.
Que le bon Dieu vous benit:May the good GOD bless you.
Fais-do-do (Fay doe doe):A dance( Literally means "go to sleep")This was told to children so the parents could go out and dance.
Lagniappe (Lahn yop):A little something extra.
Laisser les bons temps rouler (Less lay bohn tohn roo lay):Let the good times roll!
Merci (Mare see): Thank you.
Roux (Roo):Flour browned in fat and used for thickening gravies, gumbo, stew, etc.(the basis for most Cajun cooking).
C'est tout (Say too):That's all, finished.
Coeur Des Cajuns: Heart of Cajuns
Bonjour Mes Amis: Good day my friends.
Au Revior Mes Amis:Good bye my friends.
Bonnes Nouvelles: Good news
Merci Beaucoup:Thank you very much.
La Tasse d' cafe: The cup of coffee

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