I want a Custom Praise but I can't design it myself...What can you do to help me...?

We specialize in helping you find the perfect Praise for your home.
We have an Interior Designer on-staff to help you coordinate the right colors and help you find the right style of fonts for your Praise.
We love to help (no extra charges)!
1. Provide us with description of requested Praise;
verse, phrase, quote, font and color for each layer.
2. Provide size specifications - how large is the area you want the Praise to go in? 10" x 40", etc.
The width and maximum height is what we need.
3. Provide a picture or give us a visual picture of the space  if needed for previews.
We take your design and put it on your picture so you can see what the praise will look like in your space
before you make your decision. Or, at least give us the wall color and accent colors in the room; bedspread, curtain, rug, etc. colors.
4. Approve and pay - we will provide you with previews of your
designs as quickly as we can. We ask for your patience in advance, as we offer this as a free service
we do the designs in the order they are received.
Upon your approval an invoice will be sent to you via Paypal to pay for your Praise.
If you have questions or need this service, click HERE now and we'll get back with you.


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