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Draw Strength from the Bible in Your Home

kitchen with bible scripture on wall 

As mentioned in a previous post, there are so many reasons why God’s Word or others of inspiration should adorn our homes. It can be a wonderful reminder of the graces that we have been given from our Lord and that we need to remember our blessing, daily. The only difficult question would be in what room would the wall scripture art be the most inspirational! There are so many wall art and decal places to shop but what sets Wall Praise apart from everyone else is the quality and customization that is right at your fingertips! Many companies print their wall decals in one size and color — greatly reducing the options for colors, length, size, and type of style you choose. Who wants to be stuck with cookie cutter boring and plain decals?

There are so many more options out there waiting to be discovered, and Wall Praise helps it all happen. You can choose from the wide selection of pre-made decals and customize colors and size. If you still can’t find the piece the fits your wants and needs, we can create something just for you. Have questions about your design or installation? Contact Wall Praise at or by calling 865.362.5389, today!

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Draw Strength from the Bible in Your Home

kitchen with bible scripture on wall 

As a Christian who is proud of your faith and its legacy, you naturally want to display that faith and share it with others around you. Whether at home, the office, church, or any other place you and your friends and family gather, wall scriptures can be a great way to use the World of God to inspire and motivate every day.

Wall Praise has everything you need to get beautiful wall and window decals of your favorite scriptures and inspirational phrases. With a large selection of Bible Verse wall quotes, it is easier than ever to put your faith up on your wall for the word to see. There is never any shortage of inspiration as the Bible is full of beautiful verses to find inspiration, hope, peace, encouragement, and strength in each and every day.

You choose your verse, the size, and colors, and the skilled team at Wall Praise will work hard to make it come to life for you. Whatever your needs and wants are, there is something that will work for you! No order is too big or too small. Let your creativity flow and your faith shine bright with a wonderful wall art decal today!

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Show Your Devotion and Enrich Your Life With Bible Art: Part II

kitchen with bible scripture on wall 

As mentioned in a previous post, having God’s Word be your inspiration through daily scripture wall art can be a wonderful way to incorporate the Word of God into your daily habits. These verses and words of encouragement and hope can be just what you need to stay focused on God. Be inspired and be rejuvenated each and every day by the inspirational words in your home and on your vehicle. At Wall Praise, we have been creating scripture decals for over 10 years and we continue to inspire thousands with our beautiful quality designs.

Call on the power of scriptures and remember the power of God’s word every day with beautiful, easy to use, and transferable decals. The cool thing about these wall quotes is that you will be able to remind yourself, your friends, and your family of the power of scripture and to maintain good positive outlooks while adding beauty and value to your home, office, or vehicle. All decals are made from removable vinyl of the highest quality materials and they all go on easily and come off without any residue or damage. No matter how long they stay, they come off easy and leave no staining, discoloring, or sticky feeling behind. 

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Show Your Devotion and Enrich Your Life With Bible Art


The Christian life comprises much more than just simply knowing scriptures and putting Bible verses up on your car window or the walls of your home. However, these reminders of favorite verses and the promises of God can be exactly what you and your family needs when the moments of trial and difficulty come to us. Having inspiration before you every morning will help you, and your family, bring God’s Word into every part of you

r life. Having a mural or scripture on the wall of your home is a great way to truly “live” the bible and the verses that call to your heart. Consider a scripture for times of jubilation, as well as scripture for when roads are rocky. Reading God’s Word daily on your wall will instill His unwavering love for us into your daily struggles and celebrations.

It is easier than ever to be proud of your Christian faith and to embrace your values and traditions. The Bible is full of beautiful verses and these decals are perfect for us outside of the home too. Adorn the walls of your worship center, class rooms, church vans, and decorate for special events such as VBS and church conferences. It has never been easier to find the perfect verse for every need — Bible verse canvas art and decals are the answer!

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Christian Wall Decals for the Children

Bringing a child into the world can be a true blessing to you and your family. There have been many words written in scripture on how the Lord blesses us with our children, and how these children bring so much joy and love into our lives. Bring positivity and the love of God into your child’s bedroom, playroom, or into their church with passages from the good book. Christian wall decals are a great way for them to know that God’s love is eternal, and as Luke 1:37 states, “Nothing is impossible to God.” 

You can take full advantage of the customization of these decals. From the quote itself, to popular color choices, and to any and all designs are right at your disposal. Place a decal above your newborns crib to show friends and family that God is watching over them, and that his love is always there and he is always listening. Spread the word of the Lord to your children and teach them to wholly embrace him with open arms. is dedicated to serving our customers with the best possible quote decals that we can provide. Be sure to contact us with any questions, or if there is a specific quote that you would like for your child!

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Spread the Word at the Workplace with Bible Verse Wall Decals

Throughout the bible, there are many mentions of labor-intensive work. Even Christ himself was a carpenter. Many times, we find it difficult to find the resolve to complete a particularly challenging task. Posting a few bible verse wall decals above your work bench in your garage can give you the motivation needed to complete the task at hand, no matter how difficult.

Our words to live by section may have just what you’re looking for to get motivated on a daily basis. Faith can inspire you to do great things, and there are so many great quotes to help you get through your day with a smile on your face. When you're hard at work, there are often voices in your own mind filling you with self-doubt. No matter what you tell yourself, you feel inadequate, distracted or upset. Like a word of good cheer and encouragement for a friend, a positive quote can work wonders on your morale. Whether you are one who is completely devoted to your faith, or find yourself possessing that of a mustard seed or less, these quotes may still resonate. Think of how many biblical quotes are used in the secular realm due to their positive tidings. Or on the inverse, consider those lessons learned in life outside of the context of the Bible through conversations with friends. Positivity, helping hands or uplifting words are there to be found by those who seek it and welcome it. 

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Verse of the Day- Colossians 4:2 New Scripture Art Decal

This beautiful new design of Colossians 4:2 is available in any color for you wall. Make a statement with wall words for your Home, Office or Church without saying a word! Bible Verse Decals are beautiful and removable!


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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wow, what a gift we have in Jesus

"When men sought to make Him a king He fled; now that they seek to put Him to death He goes out to meet them." Rudolph Stier

 What an amazing man Jesus Chirst was... the power to be a King, yet He chose to be a slave. Hmmm what would you or I do if we had that same choice? Something to think about...


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